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SHINE is an acronym that stands for Salvation & Health Integrated Neo-Evangelism. We specialize in training healthcare professionals, gospel workers, and lay-people to systematically integrate the science and art of healing with the three angels’ messages to reach souls for Christ.



It’s our most earnest desire to be part of those who will usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ. But before Jesus comes to end sin and suffering, deliver his saints, and end the great conflict between good and evil, prophecy foretells that there will be a group of people who are so in harmony with Him that they will shine with the glory of God. In order to facilitate this development, we aim to practice, train, and promote Spirit-led, integrative and collaborative methods of reaching people through healing, preaching, teaching, and media, both online and in-person.

Co-Founder Spotlight

I’m a licensed naturopathic physician and functional medicine practitioner. I completed my graduate-level naturopathic education at Sonoran University of Health Sciences, formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

In addition to my didactic courses, I completed over 1200 hours of clinical rotations managing medication and providing integrative care to patients with a wide range of ailments at several clinics throughout Arizona. While in medical school, I also served as a research assistant conducting research on the clinical efficacy of various botanical products against human pathogens.

Since 2016, I’ve provided person-focused care to diverse populations through my private practice. Using the health ministry to gain access to souls is my purpose and passion. I am passionate about providing sound Bible- and science-based training to healthcare professionals, gospel workers, and lay-people so we can all labor, intelligently, responsibly, and systematically for the cause of Christ.

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What people are saying

“Learning how to approach [medical missionary work]…in a responsible fashion was invaluable. Identifying scholarly backed rational remedies was invaluable, along with dosages, etc… I believe this course lays the important foundation of how to approach working responsibly as a health coach or gospel health evangelist… You [may] know how to make a poultice, but what are the legal limitations placed on you as a gospel health evangelist? This is why I have recommended this course to my church.”
Gordon M.
Evangelist, Speaker
“[I was benefited by] the delineation of specific steps to take in evaluating and assisting a client (i.e. the C.A.R.E. Technique) along with instruction on how to do research regarding a client’s complaints… I recommend [the Foundations of Gospel Health Evangelism course] because it emphasizes systematic thoroughness, carefulness, and documentation, which should be essential when dealing with a human with a health problem… Importantly, it assisted the student to develop analyzing and reasoning skills while thinking of the client as a whole, integrated being…. The course emphasized the core reason for the work of the [gospel health evangelist], being the well-being of the soul.”
Valerie R.
Registered Nurse
“Dr. Louis has been so helpful to me in preparation for my surgery. Perhaps the most impressive point of my working with her is her balance of knowledge on both traditional medicine and its effects along with natural remedies. Her understanding of disease, its causes, methods of prevention, and cure are exceptional. I highly recommend as I see her work as a fulfillment of God’s counsel in relation to medical missionary work.”
Dwayne L.
Evangelist, Speaker
“I have learned so much that I have already recommended this course to several others. Anyone who is contemplating this work should consider taking this course, especially health professionals. The clear path as to how to use your medical training for the Lord is positively set forth in this course.”
Pam G.
Registered Nurse

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